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What is this?
26 May 2008

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Maronites in Canada
23 May 2008

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Always Alive...
21 May 2008

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Angry T.
16 May 2008

Recent Comments

Ioana on Vortex sheets
There are a lot of smoke shots out there, but this has got to be one of the best and most original!

samar semaan on just waiting...
amazing contrast!!!!!!!!!!

samar semaan on Blush
DASS IST SEHR ROMANTISCH LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl..........extremely beautiful.........simple yet fascinating

samar semaan on No Way!
Awesome.......Where is that???????? I love the blue and red in the picture.......great work!!!!!!!!1

samar semaan on Angry T.
very vivid and full of motion.....

samar semaan on Color Obsession Series [4]
It'll make a good cover of an American cultural studies book...........very beautiful......

samar semaan on Always Alive...
it is definitely breathtaking..........i've been there a lot of times, yet I never noticed the beauty our coast ...

samar semaan on I Am Free, I Am King!
..........truly reflecting nature's beauty....a lovely bird btw.

samar semaan on Maronites in Canada
quite impressive.......i'm very fond of such an Architecture.........

samar semaan on What is this?
IT is a very beautiful picture.........

pierre on What is this?
nothing but a really good shot ! I like it !

michelle on What is this?
my guess is blurred fireworks of some sort? it caught my eye in the community non the less please let us all know

Eleftheria, 9 1/2, on I Am Free, I Am King!
Beautiful photo!

DarkElf on Always Alive...
great night shot - nicely exposed!

Jerry on Color Obsession Series [3]
LOVE the VIVID tones Tony!!!

Ana Lúcia on Color Obsession Series [1]
What a phenomenal shot! Just brilliant work. Keep it up!

Kaddy on Angry T.
lovely shot... i like the effect!!!

DarkElf on F18 Hornet - The Blue Angels
great capture! they have lined up for your composition perfectly and the focus and sharpness are superb!

Barbara on Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes
Amazing capture. Great timing. A cool sight.

Margie on Mission Accomplished
That's awesome! Really dramatic lighting and tones...fabulous job.

linus. on Blue Angels

ruben latre on ShockWave
Another great one !!! you see here I love the dutch angle !! it helps to make a perfect composition !! by the way where ...

ruben latre on Shockwave Too
Wooowww !! this is sick !!! so cool !! I love your processing, it seems a frame from a Michael Bay movie (and I said as ...

ruben latre on Mission Accomplished
Ok, if you had the worst lighting conditions, I can't imagine what can you show us with a good lighting !! ...

Dimitrios on Blue Angels

akarui on Mission Accomplished
Very nice and dramatic treatment.

Ana Lúcia on Mission Accomplished
Excellent shot.

Eric Fry on Mission Accomplished
Great photo. I love it when the less than "perfect" lighting conditions let us get a shot with such power and ...

Eric Fry on Shockwave Too
Beautiful image! the background of the sky is fantastic against the flames.

DarkElf on Shockwave Too
this is an amazing shot! so perfectly sharp and the truck blazing fire against the dramatic background really creates ...

Daroru on Mission Accomplished
Great job, like your style!

Stefan on Mission Accomplished
fantastic shot, marvelous colors!

smiles4angels on Mission Accomplished
a beautiful mix of colors. excellent photo.

elrubns on Mission Accomplished
Nice post processing. I Love the colors and the movement

mahdy60 on Mission Accomplished
absolutely wonderful

Helen on Mission Accomplished
Spectacular pp job on this. Congrats

Kevin on ShockWave
Very cool. I like the colors, and the heat waves.

jihane on Serenity
breathtaking...but sad

jihane on mystic
great imagination, great color, like a face, just perfect

jihane on ascend
great imagination....bravo

jihane on Streetlights Curve
thank god for photoshop...:o)

jihane on Blush
very simple and expressive. couldn't do better. excellent job.

Melissa on No Way!
love the composition and the red sign. great job.

Jim Mahan on ascend
Fantastic smoke images! Love the perfect swirl and the dual color.

Peter on Orange

Peter on Saint Charbel
Great picture, like the pose of the man and the background light

martie on Sunset City
This is gorgeous! It is very similar to the scene I have off my balcony here in Okinawa. Well done!

DarkElf on Sunset City
nice subtle sunset colours as the city goes to sleep... very peaceful...

lidia on Blush
Beautiful flower.

Daroru on Family Reunion
That was a great find!

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